Currently, all Form I-134s are receiving the expedited review, so you do not need to request this service. If your inquiry has not yet been resolved, please review the information below which addresses common issues impacting Forms I-134 and identifies steps you can take to resolve certain errors:

The beneficiary’s date of birth or passport expiration date on their travel authorization notice is incorrect by one day.

  • The incorrect information was caused by a technical issue which has been resolved. USCIS communicated the situation to CBP and there is a process to make corrections when beneficiaries arrive at a U.S. port of entry.
  • CBP will make the correction at the port of entry when the beneficiary presents their valid, unexpired passport to CBP.
  • When the beneficiary presents their travel authorization letter containing the error and a valid, unexpired passport with correct information to CBP at the U.S. port of entry, CBP will accept the travel authorization letter and correct the erroneous date.
  • No new travel authorizations will be issued due to this technical problem.
  • There is no need to contact USCIS.

The beneficiary is unable to view their travel authorization notice in their online account.

  • The technical cause of this issue has been resolved.
  • Affected beneficiaries should log back into their online account to view their travel authorization notice.
  • If they are still experiencing issues, the beneficiary should send a secure message using their online account as follows:
    1. Log into your online account, select the MyAccount dropdown, then select Inbox
    2. Select “New message” then “A case already filed online” for the subject line.
    3. Select your receipt number for Form I-134, Declaration of Financial Support from the drop-down menu.
    4. Explain in your message that you are unable to see your Travel Authorization letter in your online account.
    5. If you have travel group members, the travel authoriza:ons for all
      group members may not be available at the same time. Continue to check your account for the travel authorization for your group members.

The supporter provided the wrong email address for the beneficiary.

As a result, the beneficiary is unable to receive their Account Notice required to access their case information in their online account

The supporter should log into their USCIS online account, go to the Notices tab, and use the Unsolicited Evidence feature to upload a letter they have signed by hand (not electronically) explaining:

  • the email address they entered on the Form I-134 for the beneficiary was incorrect; and
  • request that USCIS update the beneficiary’s email address and send the USCIS Account Notice to the beneficiary’s correct email address.

Note: the supporter’s letter should list both the original email address provided on the Form I-134 and the new, updated email for the beneficiary. The supporter also must retain the original signed letter in the event USCIS asks for the original at a later time.

  • The supporter should then send a secure message from their USCIS online account:
    • Log into your online account, select the MyAccount dropdown, then select Inbox. Select “New Message,” then “A case already filed online”;
    • Then select your receipt number for Form I-134, Declara:on of Financial Support from the drop down menu; and
    • State in the message that the beneficiary’s email address needs to be changed and that you have uploaded unsolicited evidence. The email message should include the original email address and the new, updated email address for the beneficiary.
  • USCIS will review the request, make appropriate updates, and issue the beneficiary a copy of the USCIS Account Notice using the new, updated email address. USCIS will also no:fy the supporter by email that the issue has been resolved.

The supporter provided incorrect biographic data for the beneficiary, and the beneficiary is unable to correct the error in their online account

  • Note: if you have completed the pre-travel attestations and submitted your information to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), CBP will not issue a new travel authorization notice that reflects the updated information.
  • When the beneficiary creates their online account, they are able to edit certain fields when they complete their biographic information confirmation
  • For fields that cannot be edited, we will send a second email notification with instructions on how to correct the error.

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